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  • Jeff and I started running in earnest in 2012, starting with our first 5K together in September. After that first one, we ran several more together including a 5k Turkey Trot with my family Thanksgiving of 2012, a 10k in December of 2012, and the ever-fun Color Run 5K in February of 2013. In March o [...]
  • In 2010, Jennie and Jeff headed to the sea with Jeff's family to cruise around the Bahamas! It was the first time Jennie met much of Jeff's family, and they had a wonderful time on the biggest cruise ship on the water at the time. Getting to know Jeff's family was fun and relaxing when on white-sand [...]
  • In 2009, Jeff turned 25, and I threw him a surprise party to hopefully counter his awesome surprises over the years. He was truly surprised when he showed up - and thought the party was for me! Our birthdays are a week apart, so he thought that our friends were throwing me a surprise party, and then [...]
  • Jeff: 2008 was a busy year. Jennie graduated, moved out to California via a road trip with me, and I decided to surprise her at the internship program in China for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Similar to the Thanksgiving surprise, the idea popped into my head earlier that year before Jennie had even [...]
  • Jeff: I'm a big fan of surprising people. I really love to see the look on people's faces when they're surprised. Sometimes I forget what gifts I've given people because I'm so excited to see their reaction that I forget. The idea to surprise Jennie at her parents house for Thanksgiving snuck int [...]
  • Jeff: The summer after graduation was spent planning an epic road trip to move to Los Angeles. Shortly after completing an internship, I decided that I could take on California and make it work. I may have jumped in with both feet not knowing what was about to happen. My first couple of months were [...]
  • Jennie: Jeff didn't know that our first date was a date, exactly. We had been friends for a while, and at the beginning of my junior year, we had started to meet up for coffee once in a while, and talk about how dating was hard in the time Christmas rolled around, I thought maybe it wasn [...]
  • Jeff: I like to sit in the front row of classes, especially ones where there is a possibility I'm not very good in that subject. Sitting in the front row forces me to pay attention. So I walk up to the front of this long classroom and there are a limited number of seats available. Among the people s [...]