There’s probably not much you don’t know about Jennie. Her no shame honesty attracts only the greatest of friends. It’s no secret that she has a lot of friends, and an even bigger family. Having grown up in Connecticut, moved to Michigan, then to Boston for school, and now to Los Angeles, Jennie has made several best friends in each city she’s lived. Which is usually not a problem except when you’re trying to narrow a bridesmaid list. It’s a good problem to have. Over the years I’m sure you’ve heard one or two versions of this story but in case you missed a piece here is the nutshell version.

Mike and Terri Palluzzi are some of the greatest parents a kid could ever want. Their young, hip, and welcoming spirit is addictive. Palluzzi Pizza Night usually consists of the closest friends, all with pizza filled smiles, bear hugs, and the warmest welcomes that make you feel like you’ve been there forever. Mike’s unique knowledge in medical and technology makes him the perfect go to person when you drop your baby or your laptop. Terri’s teaching and cooking skills will leave you in a food coma while you try to frantically write down a list of books to read and movies to watch.

When you meet Jennie’s parents it’s very obvious who they’ve raised as children. Nikki is the first – the no-nonsense captain of the Palluzzi sibling ship. She and Jon recently started their own family and are passing on the many exciting family traditions already. At their side is Mike – the third and most headstrong of the group. Always there watching over his older sisters, and now nephew, with a careful eye. Lastly the middle child Jennie the echo and forewoman for Nikki. She’ll hand you a boiling hot plate of food and the burn cream for your fingers. She’ll read you the latest health news and stick you on a yoga, whole wheat diet before sundown.

Jennie can be found balancing work, her blog, a cooking addiction and frequent trips to the movies, the latest restaurants, book club, and social gatherings where she’ll probably be bringing some kind of delicious treat.