Crepes & Christmas Trees: Our First Date

Jennie: Jeff didn’t know that our first date was a date, exactly. We had been friends for a while, and at the beginning of my junior year, we had started to meet up for coffee once in a while, and talk about how dating was hard in Boston…by the time Christmas rolled around, I thought maybe it wasn’t so hard, after all.

We headed to the Christmas Tree lighting with a group of friends, but we had a little time beforehand, so we headed to my favorite crepe place in the city, down Charles Street in Beacon Hill. We ordered crepes, and then as I tried to pay, Jeff stuck out his credit card to the waitress and said, “Sorry, it’s our first date.” Well, this was news to me (and apparently, news to Jeff later, since he will insist to this day he was joking.)

We had our crepes, and then headed back to the Common where our friends awaited us. As we watched the lights go up the Christmas tree, I realized that our friendship might be a little something more…