Special Thanks

Mary Costa


Mary has been a burst of warm California sun in our lives. Her always smiling face and can do attitude reminds us of our great ambitions. She has contributed tireless hours of her own creative and professional talents to making an amazing engagement shoot and is our number 1 pick for wedding photographer in September. We’re very lucky to have Mary in our lives and her efforts to capture our lives has not gone unnoticed. Please view her website and seriously consider booking her for your engagement, wedding, portrait, family, or anything you would want exceptional photography for.

Jessica Kucinskas


Jessica never ceases to amaze us with her design skills. Whether it’s a styled shoot with Mary, a jaw dropping t-shirt design, a functional and elegant website design, or some stand out company branding, Jess is our go to graphic designer extraordinaire. We’re very lucky to have so much talent in our group and Jess is no exception. It’s almost like unwrapping presents for your birthday when she sends you her latest designs. They are always amazing, thoughtful and perfect. We’re so lucky to have Jess’s design skills on all of our wedding stationary and possibly even in some other areas. We never know how she’ll be able to help us next, but it always keeps getting better.

Marissa Sertich Velie


Marissa is a great friend of Jennie and Jeff’s from Emerson College in Boston. In their early friendship Marissa taught Jennie the art of being a RA, a great student, puzzle finisher, and midwest lover. Marissa delicately balances the art of loving high end cuisine with old fashioned candies and delicious deep fried dishes. Having recently completed culinary school at the famous Culinary Institute of America, She’ll be putting her expert skills to use designing and building an amazing cake for the wedding. Which Jeff and Jennie are happy to know will not include any fondant. Marissa is a regular contributor to Serious Eats, Honest Cooking, Valley Table Magazine and many more publications. Her work can be found at Ella’s Bellas Gluten-Free Bakery in Beacon, NY and many more pastry shoppes around New York.

Maribeth Breen

Maribeth is one of our closest family friends. Sometimes we forget she’s not directly related. The Breen’s have always been there for the Palluzzi’s and this wedding is no exception. Their family is some of the most loving and caring people you’ll ever meet. Maribeth has offered to officiate the wedding in Narragansett, Rhode Island. When we think about the people we want to be front and center in our wedding ceremony we can think of no one else but Maribeth. Her always glowing attitude and constant open heart lends itself perfectly for our ceremony. We’re so excited to have her there and we know you will too.

Corelyn Coates

We don’t have enough time or space to say how much we appreciate our bestest friend in the world Corelyn. Throughout the entire wedding planning process Corelyn has been there to help plan, make calls, do research, and mediate every step of the way. Without her we would truly be lost, stressed and unable to move. Corelyn graciously decided early on that she was going to selflessly donate many long hours helping us plan our wedding. The biggest task was accomplishing all of this from 3000+ miles away. It required endless nights crowded around our laptops at dinner tables, on couches and sometimes on the floor while we put the whole thing together. It’s not easy planning a wedding but doing it with Corelyn made our lives significantly better. Plus it was just more fun to have her around to talk to and bounce ideas off. We could never thank her enough and we’ll forever be in debt to her for all her help.