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There’s probably not much you don’t know about Jennie. Her no shame honesty attracts only the greatest of friends. It’s no secret that she has a lot of friends, and an even bigger family. Having grown up in Connecticut, moved to Michigan, then to Boston for school, and now to Los Angeles, Jennie has made several best friends in each city she’s lived. Which is usually not a problem except when you’re trying to narrow a bridesmaid list. It’s a good problem to have. Over the years I’m sure you’ve heard one or two versions of this story but in case you missed a piece here is the nutshell version.

Mike and Terri Palluzzi are some of the greatest parents a kid could ever want. Their young, hip, and welcoming spirit is addictive. Palluzzi Pizza Night usually consists of the closest friends, all with pizza filled smiles, bear hugs, and the warmest welcomes that make you feel like you’ve been there forever. Mike’s unique knowledge in medical and technology makes him the perfect go to person when you drop your baby or your laptop. Terri’s teaching and cooking skills will leave you in a food coma while you try to frantically write down a list of books to read and movies to watch.

When you meet Jennie’s parents it’s very obvious who they’ve raised as children. Nikki is the first – the no-nonsense captain of the Palluzzi sibling ship. She and Jon recently started their own family and are passing on the many exciting family traditions already. At their side is Mike – the third and most headstrong of the group. Always there watching over his older sisters, and now nephew, with a careful eye. Lastly the middle child Jennie the echo and forewoman for Nikki. She’ll hand you a boiling hot plate of food and the burn cream for your fingers. She’ll read you the latest health news and stick you on a yoga, whole wheat diet before sundown.

Jennie can be found balancing work, her blog, a cooking addiction and frequent trips to the movies, the latest restaurants, book club, and social gatherings where she’ll probably be bringing some kind of delicious treat.




Jeff is everyone’s knight in shining armor…complete with a tool kit, the latest technological advances, sound advice, and even skills in the kitchen. Jeff has helped many of his friends in Los Angeles move furniture, purchase cars, look at apartments, plan trips, you name it – he’s done it. His friends, and family, look to him as a valuable resource because his jack-of-all-trades attitude lends itself to his knowing a little bit of everything. He excels in dad jokes, tossing and preparing the finest pizza this side of the Mississippi, and generally making everyone feel a little better knowing he’s on their side.

Jeff’s can-do demeanor is one of the first things that sparked Jennie’s interest – her roommate’s computer was broken, but she knew that Jeff could fix it, so she called him to walk her through it. From then on, she knew she could count on him to help her out, and she could trust him to know ALMOST as much as she did. Fast forward seven years to today, when Jennie trusts Jeff to keep her laughing, to surprise her whether it’s flying to China or proposing in front of a crowd of friends, and to be her biggest champion, whether it’s supporting her coaching soccer or helping out with GMS from designing website to eating copious amounts of cake.

Jeff’s family include his mother, Nancy, from whom he inherited his ability to bargain with anyone about anything, and his father, Jim, who kept Jeff’s creative juices flowing throughout his childhood leading him to be the tinkerer he is today. He also has one younger (yet taller!) brother Ryan, who keeps Jeff in-the-know about sports, travel, and the goings-on in and around Boston. Jeff’s family is excited to add a daughter-in-law to the mix, who will help balance out the male-female ratio – especially Jeff’s mom, who will have someone to talk to about jewelry!

Jeff can usually be found giving a helping hand to someone around LA on the weekends, or convincing Jennie to go to a new pizza or Italian restaurant.




Nikki Palluzzi

Matron of Honor

Nikki is Jennie’s only sister. Being only 2 years apart they shared a lot of things, from a room when they were small, to an interest in sports (soccer), an area of study (communications), and in their adult life, cooking. Nikki got married two years ago and allowed her little sister to boss her around for once, helping plan from start to finish, and Jennie is glad to have her big sister around to reciprocate the honor (minus falling into a lake.)


Lauren Holliman

Bridesmaid – Honorary Sister

Lauren and Jennie have been BFFs since they were nine, when Jennie transferred into Lauren’s fourth grade class and deemed it to be so. Since then, they have mostly lived apart, though their paths collided for a brief time when they both went to college in Massachusetts. They have always been able to pick up exactly where they left off, and when together will most definitely be yelled at for giggling too loudly and climbing things they shouldn’t.


Kelly Reinhardt

Bridesmaid – Zen Master
Kelly and Jennie have been friends since they met in the eighth grade. In college, they enjoyed visiting each other with Kelly coming to Boston several times and Jennie heading to Ann Arbor on her breaks. Kelly is one of the wisest, nicest, most level headed people Jennie knows, and keeps everyone in check by frequently thinking outside the box. She also knows how to keep Jennie calm, and for this Jennie is grateful for – both in every day life, but especially because she knows she’ll keep her cool on the wedding day with Kelly by her side.


Sierra Rooney

Bridesmaid – Fashion/Etiquette Guru
Sierra is Jennie’s roommate from freshman year at Emerson College. It’s a miracle they’re still friends, since Jennie most likely scared Sierra with her crazy loud mouth and ability to be incredibly…honest. Sierra helped Jennie academically through college, reading all her papers, trying to keep her organized in the dorms, and always being around to just relax and watch a Richard Gere movie. Sierra and Jennie might not live together anymore, but Jennie’s glad to have Sierra around at the push of a button, knowing she’s one of Jennie’s biggest fans – and vice versa.


Katie Cotugno

Bridesmaid – Life Coach/RA
Katie was, and will always be, Jennie’s RA. Her sophomore year, she was one room away from Sierra and Jennie, and destine to continue to be one of their best friends forevermore. She taught Jennie the joy of making multicolored lists (upon lists), how to love Elliot Stabler, why everyone should read more literature (and also, have guilty reading pleasures), and above all, how to be a really excellent friend. Kate will most likely make sure Jennie has an iced coffee and a snack on the big day, because that’s what good RAs are for.



Ryan Hayford

Best Man

Ryan is Jeff’s only sibling. Being the younger better looking brother Ryan was responsible for everything from looking good in high school to staying up-to-date on the latest sports news and scores. Together they make up the infamous Hayford brothers. Jeff was the deceptive studious one and Ryan followed in his footsteps. It’s no secret the Ryan is the life of the party so whether he’s out on the dance floor or telling you about his travels you’ll be having a great time.


Mike Palluzzi Jr.

Groomsman – Guitar & Piano

Mike Palluzzi is Jennies only brother. The youngest of the Palluzzi siblings Mike has found his niche in music and culture. Whether it’s throwbacks to great 90’s R&B or his latest creation, Mike will get you singing along while he grinding his axe or dancing on the black and white ivory.  Jeff and Mike became friends through Jennie and have bonded over a unique love of music, politics, art, movies and … culture.


Paul O’Neill

Groomsman – Music Expert

Paul’s expertise in the bleeding edge of new music is an invaluable resource to anyone’s friendship with him. Musicology companies would pay millions for the wealth of knowledge this one man possesses. Sadly they haven’t realized that yet, luckily for Us we’re able to capitalize on Paul’s unique blend of musical knowledge and seemingly infinite knowledge of the hottest places to dine, dance and relax. Jeff and Paul met at Emerson College and quickly bonded through friends and a passion for bike rides and travel.


Ryan Morris

Groomsman – Bean Town Compadre 

Ryan Morris is, among many things, the person who reminds us daily of our roots in Boston and the east coast. Whether he’s already gotten you tickets to every Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Pats game in town or he’s simply sporting his classic bleached Sox cap to group events, Ryan is there representing Sox Nation West. Jeff and Ryan met through Paul and quickly realize they had been separated at birth. Through movie quotes, the perfect musical choice, the love of the game, hitting the slopes, pitching a tent, or kicking back with some Sam Summer, Ryan’s been there to tie it all together.


George Hrico

Groomsman – Wine, Whisky & Movies

George is the resident wine expert. He can usually be found enjoying the finer things in life. Always the selfless person he’ll be sure to make sure your glass is full of the finest craft and that you’re always smiling. If not he’ll tell you one of his many unique and interesting stories. Everything from the specific wine or whisky you’re drinking to fun facts and secrets behind your favorite movies. George and Jeff met a little at Emerson but their real relationship took off in Los Angeles with trips to wine country, finding the best in pizza in town, to epic beach tree bonfires.

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